Raptor limited vs raptor sd

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raptor limited vs raptor sd

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raptor limited vs raptor sd

Shock absorbing front caster forks improve operator comfort and provide a more even cut, especially over uneven terrain and at higher speeds. Available for any Hustler zero turn! We have multiple financing providers available to help you finance your purchase. Offer subject to credit approval. Some restrictions apply. Ask for details. Gift card will be delivered by mail after date of purchase. Redemption can not be used on date of purchase.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.

Hustler Raptor SD vs Bad Boy Magnum MZ

Must mention this ad at the time of purchase to receive gift card. Cannot be applied to previous purchases. Program subject to early termination. While supplies last. Select models only. Promotions can not be combined. Not redeemable through manufacturer. We Deliver. No Hidden Fees.Is this mower the best for you? In this review I will go over the features, strengths and weaknesses of this zero turn mower and compare it to the brands you are familiar with.

If your main concern is price, this is not the mower for you. This mower does have one feature not found on the other residential zero-turns. Because of that the price is higher than all the rest.

Read on to find out why it costs more. It has more features than a yard tractor but less pulling power than the G garden tractor. It features a fabricated deck that cuts just as well as the stamped decks on the other residential machines.


Overall it is a well built mower. The Husler Raptor is designed and built by the manufacture with the most zero-turn experience, Excel Industries in Hesston, Kansas. Kawasaki Engines Many owners prefer the Kawasaki over the Briggs and Kohler engines but I am not going to argue which Brand has the best engine.

Owners like the cut and tell me it cuts as well as a stamped deck. Instead of a rolled edge it has welded in wear strips that keep the sides of the deck from getting dented.

It is the strongest deck you can buy in this price range. Even though this is a fabricated deck it side-discharges so well that you do not need an aux blower for a bagger.

Heavy Duty Fabricated Frame. Hustler took everything they know about building heavy duty commercial machines and used that knowledge to make a tough chassis. I see no problems with cracking of flexing over time. Patented Automatic Park Brake System A simple, convenient and patented system that automatically engages the parking brake when you open the steering levers.

It just works and keeps the mower from wandering around when parked on a slope. Hustler Mowers are also available through the local dealers. They also have rates that start at 3. Sheffield Financial has been great to work with. Many new owners come in and walk out in less than 30 minutes with a new mower and nothing out of their pocket.

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About Paul Sikkema Paul Sikkema has been writing about snow blowers, riding mowers, and other lawn and garden equipment for over 10 years. Paul does most of his writing out in his workshop where he feeds the wildlife and birds in the yard. He spends as much time with his granddaughter as he can. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. Read more here: How to Support TodaysMower. Hustler would not post this on their website: This was my first zero turn mower and i did a lot of research before purchasing.

I decided on the Hustler Flip mostly because it would be easy to service the blades.This mower is currently unavailable. Ask anybody who is the proud owner of a large lawn, and they will give you the same answer — lawn maintenance chores can be back-breaking and tear-jerking, to say the least.

I have a 3. But that was until I found the best riding lawn mower available out there. Today, I have handpicked two exceptional zero-turn riding lawn mowers from the reputed brand of Hustler.

These two beasts will surely make your lawn mowing chores easier and quicker. Before getting to all the nitty-gritty, I want to tell you that I have used each of these two lawn mowers extensively for more than a couple of months. This helped me gain an unbiased understanding of the pros and cons of these products. It is available in two cutting deck sizes — 42 and 52 inches.

raptor limited vs raptor sd

Of these, I recommend going for the bigger, inch variant. While using it, I noticed several win-win aspects. Of these, I was impressed the most by the following:. It packs a powerful punch with its 23 HP cc Kawasaki FR engine and its dual hydrostatic drive system.

Furthermore, it has three blades with a tip speed of 16, fpm, which allows it to cut through grass effortlessly.

Above all else, you will appreciate the ergonomic design of the inch Raptor. I especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of a comfortable seat with lumbar support. The foot-operated deck lift and the cup holder are other design features to be lauded. Overall, it is more user-friendly than any other lawn mower I have ever used. The steel frame and the heavy-duty cutting deck, coupled with a sturdy front axle and robust wheels, ensure long-lasting performance.

And to top it all, Hustler backs it with a 3-year limited warranty. One of the features that sets this mower apart from its competition is its low seat height. It results in a lower center of gravity, making it more comfortable to use on slopes up to 15 degrees. I can assure you that you get a ton of features in this mower, and only a handful of other models come remotely close to it in terms of the sheer value for money it offers. But like every outdoor power equipment, it is not perfect.

The holes in the foot deck tend to let some grass clippings and dirt swirl and settle near your legs. It is not a deal-breaker in any way, but something Hustler should undoubtedly look into!

My verdict for the inch Raptor Zero Turn Mower is a sure buy! If you liked the inch Raptor, you would absolutely love the inch Raptor SD.Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! Site Upgrade Planned for Next Week!

The upgrade is planned for early next week, with additional features being rolled out in the weeks and months ahead.

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As always, we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing your thoughts. Tags: bad boy magnum mz raptor. Messages: 4. I'm looking to buy my first zero turn mower. I have it narrowed down to the raptor sd and bb magnum mz both with 54 inch deck.

Hustler Raptor & Raptor SD Right Side Fender (552809)

I would like to get nicer mower but budget is tight. I mow 2. I like the build on the bad boy but hustler has little better warranty, hydros, and Kawasaki engine. HumptyMay 13, Messages: I got the Raptor SD today. Just finished my first mow it did great. The grass was pretty high and it motored right thru it and never once bogged down.

There is definitely a learning curve on the zero turns but I'm starting to get the hang of it. I thing the raptor is a little bigger than the bad boy, at least the tires are bigger and wider. I was a little concerned because I mow a ditch along the border of my property. I thought the wider stance would help on the incline. HumptyMay 15, Messages: 2, Congrats man, I have 5 brands, and in the category and the ezt lookers buy that mower pretty often.

It is hard not to here.Andre is for the Ford F Limited with its luxurious package and street-savvy looks. Nathan votes for the chest pounding, off-road dominating, cartoonish Ford F Raptor. Both want power — and they got it. The Ford F Raptor vs the F Limited have one important thing in common: a horsepower, valve, 3.

Both vehicles represent some of the highest technical levels of performance in the class. There is no half-ton pickup truck that can do what the Ford Raptor can do. Nor does any truck in its class exude the attitude and curbside appeal that the Raptor does.

It is also one of the few vehicles in its class with massaging seats. In this video, Andre and Nathan argue the positive and negative pointe about the trucks they adore. It should be fun!

The Fast Lane Truck. Home Brand Ford. Brand New vs. Andre Smirnov - July 19, One Ford pickup tows another. We continue to build up our new "Super Tremor" overland truck. We gave July 18, July 17, Above Footer Ad.Raptor Series Designed to lead the entry-level category of the zero-turn market, the Hustler Raptor Series is built to provide users with the very best performance that can be found on residential riding mowers.

Major features include:. Raptor SDX Available only in a inch deck, the Raptor SDX comes with luxury features such as an engine guard and stylish, bolstered seating for added comfort and support. The SDX also features an open deck design. Raptor Limited A relatively new member of the Raptor Series, the Raptor Limited comes with all the unique features of the Hustler Raptor family including hour meter, engine guard, larger rear and front tires, and plush seating with armrests.

It is available in 52 inches and fitted with the Kohler Series engine with Smart Choke capability. Raptor SD The Raptor SD is a premium, heavy-duty, low profile residential zero-turn mower with exceptional handling and control and a deep fabricated steel deck.

With its industry- leading Kawasaki engine, the Raptor SD delivers unmatched power to owners. It also features a tough front end with large front tires and is available in 60, 54, ad 48 inches. It comes equipped with all the standard features of the Raptor family of zero-turn mowers. The Flip-Up requires less storage space than other Raptors and makes for stress-free cleaning and blade changing. It is available in 54 and inch decks. Hustler Fastrak Hustle Fastrak is designed to offer owners all the power, durability and strength needed for residential and commercial use.

When in operation, the Fastrak Rear Discharge reduces the clippings, dust, and dirt from blowing on the operator by discharging clippings through its rear, making for a much cleaner mowing. It also comes with bigger tires, and upgraded custom seating which makes for a comfortable riding experience while delivering a perfect zero-turn performance all day, every day.

The Fastrak SDX is best used for commercial applications. X-ONE Built using heavy gauge rectangular tubing for increased strength, the X-ONE has a narrow, streamlined body, allowing it to carry three different deck sizes to meet the needs of all users.

It is available in 60 and 54 inch rear discharge and 60, 54, and inch side discharge. Hustler Super Z Specifically designed for commercial applications, the Super Z features a commercial duty 21cc pump, 8-inch fan, large capacity oil cooler, hot oil shuttle and Parker TG wheel motor, as well as VX4 deck technology and high-performance Kawasaki engines. The Hustler Super Z is strong and fast and comes in 60 and inch rear discharge and 72, 60, and inch side discharge. The pumps and motors on the Super Z are backed by a 5-year warranty, giving you the assurance of long-term reliability.

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It is available in 72 and inch rear or side discharge. Hustler Z Diesel For owners who want the convenience of diesel-fueled commercial-grade mowers, the Hustler Z Diesel is the ideal choice. The Z Diesel is available in 60 and inch side discharge and 72, 60, and inch side discharge. This stand- on mower also offers users the best-in-class operator comfort.

Ford F-150 Raptor vs Ford F-150 Limited – No! You’re Wrong! (Video)

At 10mph, the Super is designed to mow up to 84 acres in 8 hours. Want to try out a Hustler zero-turn mower? Head over to PowerPro Equipment to test drive one today.Buying Advice. Pro Talk. Photos New media New comments Search media. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Today's Posts. Unread Posts.

Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Raptor or Raptor SD? Thread starter Good 1 Brian Start date Feb 18, Good 1 Brian Member. Joined Feb 18, Threads 5 Messages Joined Dec 4, Threads 14 Messages Welcome to the forum, I purchased the SD a little over a month ago and I like it just fine.

I did not look at the standard raptor because I wanted hydros that I could service. There are some other differences as you pointed out but that was the big one for me so I did not consider any unit that had the EZT hydros although I suspect they will last a long time.

Good luck Ric Lawn Pro. Joined May 7, Threads Messages 5, Good 1 Brian said:. Rob Member. Joined Jun 18, Threads 2 Messages

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