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She diagnosed with biliary atresia and she is in ICU now with a critical condition please please she need healing. Emmanuel, Emmanuel Man of God Please put in Pray so that i and wife can have a child of our own, Man of God we have being married for 22years now and no child of our own we had one in and our happiess do not last three months later we lost the bady so please man of God help us we are in tears.

We would have come to synogogo but we can not afford. So please we that distance is not burier we will receive the much needed help. Pray for me finance hard ship and my mum20years sick pls this my no in Australia. Praise jesus man of God prophet Tb Joshua,stand with me in prayers to finish my career,lost my job en my dad is incapable to pay my tuition fees.

I am praying and touching the screen every morning but am still going through the problems please help me,my sins are too much. Please please Snr Prophet TB Joshua pray for me,i have so much debts that i have become a problem in my family that my wife wants to commit suicide on several occasions and she wants to desert me.

Prayer request for my daughter Nobuhle who is 7 years, she is in hospital now, doctors think it might be tumor on the right foot ankle, I pray that she may not have any operations or amputated in any way, in Jesus Christ name. Good evening Prophet T B Joshua. I am writing from the Gambia. My sister has been sick for more than 5 years now. Now she cannot walk or talk. She is in wheelchair and paralyze. Please help us heal her man of God.

She lives in France but right now she is here. I believe that you can heal her by the grace of God. Please TB Joshua, please help me cure all. Man of God pray for my breakthrough ,I have been job less for 16 years now ,restore my life man of God ,I struggle to make a living everything is not well. Pray for me prophet of God please pray that this string of badluck would be delivered from my life as it follows me around for 10yrs of my life.

In my faithworklifemarriage. Pray for me in Jesus name thank you. God bless us all. Comment pray for me prophet of god. I need a house to stay with my family. Pray for my daughter prophet of God she is three years now but she suffering with sickle cell anemia which cause crisis in her body with pain so please help her to be in good situation like another children be.

And also pray for good health of my daughter. Man and prophet of the Most high God TB. I ask you to bless me with a baby girl. I see people being blessed by your prayers. I have faith in God. Concrete Johnson she is my daughter who lives in jamaicashe do not have a email address so I am the mother who ask for prayer for her so I used my email addressshe is healed and leave the hospital she did have a big foot for many years that is heal draw down small like the other one thank u man of God.

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Man of God. Am registered midwife from zambia. Why Foreign pastors went to examine Scoan Nigeria? We wanted to satisfy ourselves that T. Joshua is a man of God and miracles were in fact taking place.Thank you. You may be seated, thank you. We are here again.

Are you there? Viewers all over the world, let me talk to your spirit; let me talk to your heart. Am I talking to your heart? Are you sure? Where are you? Are you telling me you want to boast? I have stopped smoking. I must get there today.

I know the Bible — every verse. How do you know? Tell me. I have been born-again for the past many years now. God Almighty wants to answer our prayer. This is what I want you to know. What do you hear from me? Be personal. God wants to answer my prayer. Say it again. Instead of telling God that He must give me this, He must give me that, we must acknowledge that we have nothing. You must give me this, that. I have stopped smoking, drinking, killing, destroying.

It is by grace. You cannot stop that without God. You cannot stop sinning without God. You cannot stop lying without God. It is not possible for you to stop stealing, destroying without God.Declare the unfailing faithfulness of our faithful God as you join Prophet T.

Joshua in this short yet powerful time of prayer for healing and deliverance! He has made a way for your healing and deliverance! Amen, I receive in the name of Jesus. May his will be done. Thank you Papa for praying for me. I thank God, that he touch your heart to pray for us.

Sometime you feel like you have no strength to pray, but I know we still have El Shaddai the God almighty who rule and reign on out behalf forever. I went for in planet family planning which was for 5years, i finished and its about years now i want conceive and i cannotyet i have been taking drugs and visiting the doctors all the time no result. The second thing is am working and my husband dose not work, am the one who takes care of the all house, and life is hard with the little money i get to care for my family and my own family too, please man of god i real need prayers mar.

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pray with tb joshua online

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Joshua to assist in the rehabilitation of young offenders. Commit yourself to God through this powerful time of prayer and receive salvation and all of God's blessings. Reach out with the little you have and see whether it will not multiply. Our contribution to one another is an assignment from God. Therefore, we should build our lives around that contribution. Watch the Emmanuel TV Team and partners as they cultivate love and generosity by planting their love, strength, joy and time to meet the needs of others.

Emmanuel means God is with us! God keeps giving us plenty of evidence to believe in Him.


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About TBJoshua. Tune in. Forgiveness And Unforgiveness.

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Testimony Time Jesus Christ is able to turn your mess into a message and your test into a testimony. A Time Of Prayer Commit yourself to God through this powerful time of prayer and receive salvation and all of God's blessings.

Libya Deportees Reach out with the little you have and see whether it will not multiply. Let God Talk To You. Lastest Testimonies Emmanuel TV, changes lives. Add Your Own Testimony Today! Emmanuel TV Devotionals. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Close Privacy Overview This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser. Necessary Always Enabled.Join T. Joshua in this anointed time of prayer and experience God's power anywhere you are in the world!! I want to split to your life now when you receive it with all your heart. You are free Are you ready Are you ready? Here is the hour. We were all over the world Wherever you are Whatever you are doing at this moment This one is no barrier just hear the word and be under the influence I agree with me Jesus loved me I say I agree with me Jesus loved me now.

We did see little did you know Jesus loved you? And is concerned about you You want to involve if you allow him to be involved as a murder? He never consulted a path. It's only Satan that Have that information about our past and it's using it against us but Jesus They work on sociopaths to determine your present put it behind you loved him he loved you Yes Every spirit all clean speery oh Pretty your life Let's sit on Oh Clean spirit oh pretty your life Your career Your head Your marriage your family Your financing your business Oh clean spirit Operating in your life.

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I command them to leave you right now right now release your San Dieguito common or unclean spirit Operate in your life to leave you Leave a legacy me mr. Oh perrito mundo que se su vida que lo de en el nombre de tu aura We did that to continue the shuttle to the Scampi all of their mother was revealed as clear pure killer was that fair that was my famiiy The rufino's that was something put you deliciously commentator who keep the mecca in Jesus Christ's name we pray.

Let me prepare you I Will leave you to talk let him get you there on clean spirit If the cause is behind those pain Those complaining is Responsible See it lead people to do shameless acts You have been playing you don't want to do this, and you keep saying yourself doing them And these are the team that given you Trouble it's time what to talk to girl you feel will go hear my prayer Because of what happened to you Its usual those racers Those Evil don't see those weaknesses Is you see them to a prettier life?

I command them to live in the name of Jesus You know those King Satan I use it to operate your life, you know Could be you talk too much. You know those at Sit and use them as a chain to connect himself When he connects himself to you they will not begin to drag you drag you drag you You open your lips now every unclean spirit Operating in your life The clear damn want a right now begin to Christ right now the name of Jesus please period please period Pretty your life Come on around Continue to commandeer an excavation as PMP the soft air double cacao with Eva wash all over the wall Kavika malleolar started on another schism in the name of Jesus He was all over the world we want you to follow us Followers This son is nobody where you are is not a barrier Where are you follow us?

You just need to be under the influence of what we are doing here Oh, please spirit Pretty in your life. I'm pretty in your head Your business Pretty clear pretty your money Pretty your family. Oh pretty your life Declare the right now.


We'll take a bow Leave my people Leave my people Leave my people you are clearly This was he every infirmity Sickness disease Vanity submit to Jesus I command that infirmity the Signet disease settle cause I Diablo Vicki talked about Omar comin around Infirmity you say that the see These faculty you have literally brown These family team you have literally broke The infirmity you have me join deliver if a BT you have me trying to kid me Informative you have literally blow poverty poverty You are Fletcher leave my people Live kidney liver Leave their bone Wherever that affliction is located Live in the name of Jesus a Flea translocator Live in the name of Jesus Never sickness Jesus cannot cure Cliodhna mean animal Jesus We did outside ketamine an emoji so we did without That a pleasure is huge that Half liter is removed.

That of litter is removed In Jesus Christ's name Confessor le confessor liberty if there's any wonder still under the Dominion Dominion the meaning of Satan I declare freedom in the name of Jesus freedom to you in the name of Jesus freedom for you in the name of Jesus The way out for you as cone Say to yourself the way out for me In Jesus name the way out for my life Has come freedom freedom liberty to you Freedom To me this why friction is Oh Mr.

Kosan, you know stress is a few meeting Akamalik's personal assistant watch your screen consider Aman manifesting and people already Abide under the influence of this prayer right now anyway You are touchscreen as demons are manifesting in people people are also vomiting and different parts of recharge poisonous substances from the system Cause you to pray On the second Watch your screen Can see the blood some sensing what that man is vomiting does the poisonous or science in his system?

Guys for meeting up right now Supriya is going on From the marine world I Am The Talisman Finnish Miss karate teacher the high school teacher Just my wife This is my very very violent very very stubborn. They're going to see progress Always very very angry children always acknowledged in the today the house She sees she has a very high anger that always make us in Jesus Christ name or prayer You know oh, please spirit submit to the name Jesus You know that if you cut this name With all your hearts Please please submit to the name When I say oh please spirit of purity In your life We are not expecting any of Christmas yes already again If you call this name with all your hearts There is wonderful name Every organ Your body begin to foreign emergencies Every organ that is not for surely I Command them begin to control certain emergency Any organ in Your system, that is not for Charlie I Commander to begin to fortunate an emergency Beach in your liver In your kidney in your bone in your blood I Condone any longer I told mom this one I push into fun kids what she refused to marry me.

That's why? I'm here. I'm here In Jesus name Right now professor hilly in the light of your healing confess it. The way out for you as come say to yourself the way out for me In Jesus name the way out for my life Moscow We got for you a scone.People travel from around the world to witness and receive from the mighty work that God is doing in the life of Prophet T. We welcome visitors from across the globe to stay with us and witness first-hand proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Prophet T. By continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies and other tracers by the SCOAN and third parties for the purposes of statistics, personalization of content, sharing on social networks, audience measurement. Visit Us. For you to put that success into your life, you need to retrain your mind with the words of Joshua Joshua ". Jesus preached the Good News Luke ". Mrs Rosemary Atsu-Arop was on the verge of undergoing a surgical operation - until the power of God stepped dramatically in The following morning, something that can only be termed miraculous unfolded before her very eyes Joshua using devilish and diabolic powers to deceive?

That's what Edafe was firmly told by his friends at the bar - who were drunkards and drug addicts The Nigerian was a chronic alcoholic as as well as a smoking addict who regularly went outside his marital home to womanise. After being incarcerated in a cell for four days due to his waywardness, Mr Unoho realised his case required Divine intervention. An encounter with Jesus Christ through the Morning Water proved to be the pivotal point of change in his life and family Do you have a family member who is sick?

James Burriage, a young man from the UK, was bedridden after shattering discs in his spinal cord while attempting a trampoline stunt.

I CAN SEE CHAINS BREAKING!!! - TB Joshua Prayer For Viewers 🙏

He knew nothing about Prophet T. Joshua or Emmanuel TV but his concerned mother rushed to the hospital and, by faith, secretly mixed the Morning Water in his drink and placed an Anointing Sticker under his bedsheets. The doctors, who had wanted to install surgical pins in his back, were surprised to see the young man miraculously fully recover in matter of weeks! A dog was sacrificed at a graveyard in a demonic ritual before she was even born and she married a 'python' aged four The life-story of Zainab Momoh is both harrowing and heart-breaking.

It exposes the diabolical extent to which demons can destroy once given unfettered access. Prepare to watch the shocking testimony of a Nigerian Uber driver left for dead but destined for life!

pray with tb joshua online

There seemed nothing extraordinary about that fateful day. Damian drove. And drove. With fatigue setting in and light dimming, the young Nigerian pulled over on a quiet street, hoping to take a much-needed nap. We brought it from the printer to the altar. Watch as those afflicted by demons manifest and vomit poisonous substances as the anointing of God fell like a cloud upon all those who received them.Joshua in a practical demonstration of Christianity.

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Joshua believing that as others receive prophecies and deliverance to free them from all satanic bondages, your case has also been visited by Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and that your testimony is a moment away. Update — There are many fake people online posing as TB Joshua … stay focused and never let anyone scam you. Thank You….

Some of them even request that you send money to get the Holy water and your prayer request. Use the official Facebook page above. DO you need prophet tb joshua morning water? I need mor water as im sick im 4m Goa india. Help me to be there personally. I need a financial breakthrough. I have been suffering and still have nothing to show for it.

I need serious deliverance. ALL we see is complains from different people even when the lord said we can speak to these problems and they will leave us a peace.

Hello Brethren in the Lord, May the peace and unity of the holy spirit fall upon you and your entire family as you read this splendid message from the synagogue church of all nations SCOAN. Remember that our Lord Jesus Christ is still saying something as He is the deliverer, the healer and the same yesterday today and forever. God has used prophet TB Joshua morning water to work miracles and i know yours will not be a different in Jesus name!!!! If you need the morning water, and you do not have the time or money to visit the synagogue church of all nations, you can get one by contacting our email.

Send an E-mail directly to: specifying what you need. I have been seeking for Anointing water for a quite long time. I am in a great need of it can you send me one? I would like to have the morning water and when I get a job I will send monies back the ministry.

pray with tb joshua online

Please email me so I can give you may address. Please help me I need the morning water from tb Joshua, because of my financial problems I cannot visit the scoan please help me I am from India. Thank you in advance. Please pray for me to get PR here in Canada,am a refugee,deliver and protect my family in Malawi,give wisdom to my kids in their schools,give a baby to my sister,and heal my mum who has been coughing for so many years,give a good job here in Canada together with my friends.

Hello brethren may the peace of the Lord be with you all, note that prophet tb Joshua is ready to send our agent to different countries for the new morning water and faith bracelet, if you want to be part of it, you can connect with us on our email address.

I am Taita, Kenya how will I get my morning water? And I need prayers for myself and my family, whenever we gain ground again we loose it, we start so well after a while we are back to zero. We have diabetes in our family. Please, pray for us. Joshua used by God to help people in need. My name is Ludy from Mozambique I live in South Africa I have been married for 16yeasrs without a fruit of the womb nothing is going well in my life my period is overflow it the 10 days please man of God pray for me and my husband.

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